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  1. Yep this is true I lost 12 days of my pubg sub when I paused for a month, and I also lost days on my spoofer sub too.
  2. Yea I am having same issue. Had pubg full paused for over a month with 15 days left in sub. as soon as I resumed sub it ran out in 3 days.
  3. Yea I agree ! Been using for a while now and its's really nice. I do wish that the aimbot would hit moving targets farther out, but its insane for stationary targets like you mentioned. One of the best cheats out there definitely.
  4. I have played for 3 weeks now with no bans. The people complaining about bans don't know how to play legit, I have an average adr of 800, with 6 kd. and I haven't been banned once. Cheat is fine just learn how to use it correctly.
  5. Yea I like your stuff! Maybe make a sniper only compilation? Would love that!
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