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  1. Ouch my eyes :D
  2. I have my sub paused cause I have been very sick and not been able to play. But logged in the site to see If there is any pubg updates and my sub is gone?
  3. oopsigotbanned


    I agree. Fantastic work done my How02 Perhaps a lower price for renewing could be an option in the future ?
  4. for some reason i never thought of putting the radar over the minimap
  5. Shhh I already apologized but yep I don't disagree
  6. Apologies PKP for being facetious. Guess im missing the hack too much
  7. how come there is so many people in one place?
  8. since your videos are public why not just link your channel instead of spamming the media section
  9. I don't play CSGO so i guess this is sarcasm the cheat is pretty cheap tho perhaps il try it heheehe
  10. thank you sir. I never did say I wasn't an idiot myself
  11. Your videos are PUBLIC and you dont hide your game name etc. Not a great idea!
  12. finally a video with decent music
  13. Typical chinese player... spraying at long distance.... sigh. And his videos are public....uses several accounts so prob banned already... Beatservice is another account last played 2 weeks ago. Dont know why Black sector sell to these chinese idiots
  14. unreal. You use a legit cheat and play like a cunt... you are no good to this community
  15. a dayz cheat would have to be really cheap for me to purchase.... the game sucks ass
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