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  1. I never get detected only manual bans when I rage
  2. trash your gonna get banned so many times if you dont learn to bot right lol
  3. Here is my pubg aimbot review. 1. What I have noticed is the prediction is pretty off at a distance when they are running or anything. I know its being worked on. 2. When you have the "head" bone on it always aims high after the first shot. To counter it I have to turn off vertical aim and turn on chest and head and pull down. 3. The esp is really good especially the filters. I do however wish that the filter distance could be lower than 50m for loot. Maybe even down to 10m. 4. The radar works very good but it would be cool if it was somehow built into the world map and the existing pubg radar. Idk if its possible but an idea. 5. I think having a guide that breaks down every feature line by line would help the community adapt to the product and make it more enjoyable. In conculsion I love the coding and the anti ban is fucking amazing which should always be the priority in a tool like this. I cant wait to see the improvements and I plan to stay as a customer. Thank you for everything esp. How2
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