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  1. Hello can I have my spoofer sub unpaused? I will be playing Rust and want to use it to avoid getting hwid banned
  2. Can't remember I just removed a feature update
  3. Weird when I have pubg sub I used to have that fps and drops to 16fps in the game so I decided to freshly reinstall Windows and remove some windows 10 feature/security updates for AMD and my fps went from 30 fps to a 130+ (specs ryzen 5 1600x , 16gb ram ,1070) I still suffer Bsod and for some shite reason my memory dumps are corrupt
  4. Game devs don't send nudes so game will die eventually
  5. Hi,sendnodes here ..I will review the Black Sector Hack for PUBG Disclaimer: As the developers said before each user have different PC configuration therefore the experience of using the hack differs. Compatibility [???] As an AMD cpu user I was looking for a pubg hack to use, most of the cheats around are either detected or only works for Intel CPU I was so glad I have stumbled upon a thread about this BSS cheat provider. I decided to purchase a week sub and the review will be based on that, however I will not discuss about detection, safety etc other long time users can vouch for that since my playtime is short and can be considered irrelevant, I however will review the features that I find very satisfying. I have several problems during the playing time, mainly because of PC configurations. Item & Player ESP[10/10] I literally was blown away with the esp features.It has a wide range of customization available from key binds to filters I can't ask enough the only thing that of course makes it hard is the amount of text that will occupy your screen at some points(that's where keybinds come handy) and the performance impact upon rendering many info on your screen but that's to be expected when using esp. Another neat feature the grenade esp is lit, however I played PUBG lite(free version of pubg) and the grenade throwing there has built in timer it will be so good if the cheat also have that countdown timer. Aimbot[9/10] The prediction is good, I hit shots that are around 10-200 meters with decent accuracy and prediction, I use the aimbot for long range sniping, the bot have a tendency to aim higher on the head so a good temporary solution is to have 2 bones enabled chest and head and by simply pulling the aim down a bit will switch the snap point pretty handy stuff.Again plenty of customization and settings that make the bot's behaviour more human like but definitely can be improved more. Community[10/10] One thing I like to add is the pleasant community black sector have established. Admins and staffs are very responsive and members are not toxic.Chatbox feature is a plus. Now if you made it here reading my review what the heck are you still doing ? Go buy some subscription ffs!
  6. Not here man, also that feature is ban magnet
  7. Yes once it is available.
  8. I suggest buying the cheat once you're free(no work) and yes the admin can freeze your sub but only once to avoid abuse of the said feature.
  9. sendnodes


    Hi , PUBG cheat is still undetected and will remain so, I do advise to always check the forums from time to time for it's status (the loader has the status displayed as well) https://blacksector.solutions/cheats-status/ Regarding detection there is always a risk(higher than csgo) since unlike csgo PUBG has Battleye, Xenuine and EAC, plus like csgo you can be manually banned by receiving too many reports, regarding the last detection I think it's been undetected from a couple of months already since opened. About the Spoofer, I don't use it and I'm fine playing with PUBG it's more on the Rust cheating scene cause of the HWID bans issued by EAC. #justmy2cents don't flame me
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