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    Hey, i am thinking of buying me into the PUBG cheese, but have a view questions before. 1. Is the Cheese mostly online or has it a lot of downtime ? 2. Can you get HWID banned ? 3. How can i make sure my main PUBG account wont get banned ? 4. Are bans common by the cheat being detected or mostly some kind of overwatch / report system ? 5. Are bans common in general?
  2. MxX

    CS Review

    I started cheesing in CS 6 months ago with BSS, an it’s the best one(for the price) I have used. BSS does not promise anything it can’t stand, it is best used for legit cheating. Aim, wall and trigger are easy to setup. Also saving your configs is made faking easy, you can also override your default config so you never have to open the settings after you are set. Only thing that bothers me is that you can’t inject with steam open. 8€ obviously is not much, I can truly recommend it. the best one for legit on the marked I believe. 9/10 will buy again.
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