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Invites for Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !

PUBG is now available to the public !


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  1. NeakUp

    Bss PUBG cheat use Video

    Love the video. I have been waiting for this for a long time.
  2. Both those monitors are really nice. I feel like when I upgraded that I was playing on a tube tv before. It was an lcd just not as good as the one I have now.
  3. Just wondering what everyone uses for a monitor. I just picked up a Asus MG248Q. Loving it so far here are some of the stats. Features LED Backlight 3D Ready AMD FreeSync Technology Anti-Blue Technology Flicker-Free Refresh Rate-144Hz 24" Viewable Size Screen Coating-Anti-Glare Screen Size-24" Maximum Resolution-1920 x 1080 Pixel Pitch-0.276mm Response Time-1ms Brightness-350 cd/m2 Native Contrast Ratio-1,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio-100,000,000:1
  4. Not trying to offend anyone but think all this pointing fingers at people is pointless unless you have solid proof. How02 has said multiple times we dont have to worry about the resellers. Can we all move past the resellers. I like all the ideas that everyone is posting about ways of inviting or ways to secure the hack. I 100% believe if your selling invites to the hack you deserve a permanent ban. Its hard to stop pople from rejoining the forums with so many ways to spoof ip,mac amd other various ways to hide who you are. I do think that your ID is a step in the right direction. I personally think you need to pay from a verified paypal account that matchs your id. I feel something along these lines would help stop people from trying to sell invites. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I play a few games without cheating. Like overwatch and any console games.
  6. Alright I want to say this. I enjoy rust a lot. I found me a server that I enjoyed playing on. Had a group of 6 guys come to my base on a daily and raid it. I finally got it to a place where it became to expensive for them to raid. I also got better at hiding my look in a 1x1 in the middle of the world somewhere. Then they just became annoying door campers. Griefing my base and doing what they could to make my gameplay hard. So after like 2 solid weeks of fighting them I made the decision to leave the server and find a new. I will get my sweet revenge on these fools and I will show them the same grief they showed me.
  7. Welcome to the community
  8. I second the ipredator. I have used alot. My personal experience is they have been the most reliable.
  9. I to started Cheating back in cs days. When you got caught they ban that account for 10 years. I will never forget the message that popped up. I was like 16 when I started cheating, I'm 33 now so let me get my abacus out. That makes it 17 years now. Lots of games. I stopped for a long time when I went over to console because I didn't have a pc that could keep up with the games requirements.
  10. Its not needed but is it welcomed? ha ha
  11. How do I feel about hacking. Well it sucks when your on the receiving end of it. Ha. But revenge is a sweet dish served warm. I can say 99 percent of the people on this page have no issues with hacking. I started cheating cs a very long time ago. I cheat alot of games but one game that is fun for me is Overwatch. Never will i ever cheat it. I have botted, multiboxed, and cheated a very large amount of games. So for me bring it on.
  12. No need to be negative about it, If they made the Cheat easy to get an invite too then the code would be out for everyone to get there hands on and it wouldn't be a private hack anymore. Have patience and follow posts about how to work your way to getting a chance to getting an invite.
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