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PUBG is back on the store !


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  1. 1. Is it a lifetime spoofer? 2. How are the spoofer updates managed? will I have to redownload new version each time or are there built-in updates? or is it a one-time product which does not need constant updates? 3. Does it work on Apex Legends and Fortnite? 4. Will I have to run the spoofer every time I want to play a game or is there option to start it when the computer starts? 5. If I have not been banned yet, and I use spoofer before hacking and end up getting banned in that session, does the spoofed hwid get banned or does my original hwid get banned? Sorry, I know there are a lot of questions, just want to make sure the product is right for me before I make the purchase. Thank you!
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