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  1. You will be safe for ages, your account will last week's if not months with no raging I reckon
  2. Maths

    Rust cheating video

    Good stuff, blacksector hitting p 🙃
  3. Maths


    Ok so most servers won't ban you by IP, like all the facepunch officials won't ban you based off of ip. Some servers will find that you are ban evading off of your ip such as rustafied and rustralasia, on these servers you can use a VPN and a hwid spoofer to avoid this. As you said in your post, some servers prevent the usage of a VPN like upsurge, if your ip is already blacklisted then it's pretty much over. The only way you can join upsurge if your ip is already blacklisted is by contacting the admin and saying that you need to use a VPN for another reason like for safety on the internet or some reason just try make one ( or by getting a new router or switching ISP) There is lots of good vpns out there just do a bit of research. I know you can buy cheap subscriptions for these on websites such as plati.ru and steamby.ru. Good luck 🙂
  4. So you are willing to spend upwards of 175 euros on blacksector a month, yet you are pleading to get credited a week of subscription when it was nobodys fault but your own for losing the time. Just buy another sub stop being stingy 😂
  5. Are you using a VPN?
  6. Dude trust me it's legit, it worked for all of my accounts, just make sure to delete the file from your recycle bin as well
  7. 1. The payment of 10 euros is for 1 month. 2. It is rare that the spoofer will receive an update, but in the case that it does it will be automatically updated for you (built in updates) 3. Yes it works for apex and fortnite 4. Spoofing your hwid is a manual process 5. Spoofed hardware gets banned so your actual hardware is safe
  8. Yes, the spoofer changes the permenant mac address, TMAC does nothing against EAC now. You will still need to buy a VPN to change your ip however.
  9. I fully agree with the point you are making here. I don't want to sound rude either but I think that the security of the rust cheat needs an overhaul to be honest. Nice review though
  10. Yes it works on apex.
  11. Maths

    PUBG question

    It's been undetected since December, it's been running for well over a year I believe
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