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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. The PUBG hack is private meaning that you need an invitation to use it.
  2. Like any accounts that you logged into on your old computer, don't log onto them on your new computer, it's not only if it's connected to steam just don't login to them on your computer as a whole just to be safe
  3. Yeh new computer and you should be all good to play. Just a word of warning to not sign into any steam accounts which were on your old computer, and FYI my mate was once hwid banned so he bought a new computer, and he signed into his Gmail account on his new computer and EAC logged that and hwid banned his new computer, so I would suggest to make new accounts on your new computer (don't sign into FB if it was on your old computer, any bank accounts, any Gmail accounts) because EAC logs this shit if it's a true hwid ban and they will flag your new computer
  4. There's little chance that would actually work why would they remove cheaters hwid bans, but as you said it's worth a shot you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take
  5. You aren't alone brother, my main got banned 3k hours and like $70 worth of skins, I miss playing rust feelsbad
  6. Buying a new computer would probs just be the simplest solution if you are looking to play legit again, with a hwid spoofer if EAC releases an update or something which fucks the hwid spoofer up, your account is gone.
  7. Currently 8.20pm in Perth I'm just chilling out and studying thinking about getting a juicy invite to the best cheat out there😀. What are all you guys doing? http://imgur.com/gallery/TXFlwX4
  8. BSS > all. No doubt the best out there nice review
  9. You basically need to just wait for invites to open I can't wait for them to open again, the cheat is insane @how02 is a god coder
  10. Nice review looks awesome
  11. FYI you can actually buy vpn subscriptions for dirt cheap on plati.ru
  12. Maths

    Rust feedback

    Could be delayed ban so EAC can collect data and shit who knows, but 86 hours is a very long time.
  13. Maths

    Rust feedback

    Yeh I heard they are working with companies who make mice to set up handprint sensors on top of the mouse, and EAC logs it in their system and as soon as the hand matches you are gone
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