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  1. clicking the name link showed Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2C137/2
  2. pubg tracker shows "king-iwnl" user last game is 3 months ago.. can you play it right now so that the pubg tracker will show us you just played it recently and is not banned.
  3. This account is already banned, i guess... last game is on pubg tracker 3 mos ago... GGWP for playing using hax like a noob getting obvious..
  4. This account is for sure banned, RIP. The way you play is so obvious. The smooth setting of your aimbot god like.
  5. Returning customer here, use blacksector Pubg hax way back 2017. Unfortunately got detected immediately, the next day my account got banned, but the staff are professional on refunding back. After using other hax, and long time lurker on this site, got tired on searching and decided to go back to this site the hax now is i think god mode... just don't rage.. and from time to time try to throw/loose a game deliberately.. so that you will not get red flagged.
  6. jmbooc

    PUBG Hacking #2

    nice vid, lets team up..
  7. jmbooc

    PUBG review

    One good thing about this hack is it is straight forward to use.. The hack i used before.. you need to disable some security features of your windows.. you need to off the anti virus. On this hack just download the loader then log in.. Voila! It works perfectly. And this hack after finishing a game no need to restart the PC, just que again for other game and will work perfectly. there is some occasional lag at the beginning, i think it’s expected as the server is loading all the position of the enemy.. after few minutes, no more lag. sorry for double post.
  8. jmbooc

    PUBG review

    Been searching for a good hack, got even scammed. Purchased this yesterday, i gave it 10/10.. The skeleton ESP, aimbot, loot esp, vehicle esp.. name it all.. its there.. For a price of 100euro is a bang for a buck. It’s cheap, compared to other hack. I used other hack before paid 400$ no skeleton ESP only Radar, not even aimbot.. I will surely renew my subscription. Hopefully this one will remain undetected.
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