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    PUBG Feedback

    To start my feedback, i want to emphasize a several Advantages of this hack. Very good optimization: FPS Always keeps on 60 frames. The code of this hack is written perfectly, and in any situation (Even if your entire screen will be in boxes of ESP,.. Loot, or players, or something like that) Your FPS will be equal to 60 (Or FPS, which you can get based on your PC configuration) Ability to play in different screen modes: It's not a secret for anyone that many players are uncomfortable to play in the window mode. And so here you can play in any screen mode. OBS Bypass: If you're a streamer and you want to get easy kills, and at the same time you don't want to be detected on your stream -> BSS offers to bypass all types of ESP on your stream. Auto-Updates: This is perhaps the most important at the moment, because you can play on any patch of the game. Now, i want to talk about functions (Im using only ESP version) General ESP advantages: Fully customizable settings (You wanna to see only death players? Or you wanna to see all the information about Grenade, which is already flying to you? Then you can do it) Ability to filter all types of Loot (You can run around without a filter, and see tons of garbage. Or you can find in this tons of garbage useful things for yourself by turning on the filter) Bind settings (It is also worth to emphasize the possibility of Bind system. This system is called Bind Manager, and this you can bind all types of ESP. And in a difficult situation when you need to turn something off/on in the hack, you can press only one button, and you're done) Other advantages/Cool functions: Ability to see what's inside the Airdrop. Radar function. Friend List system. My final opinion of this hack: If you have a choice between different others hacks, i would give my preference to BSS, because this hack is worth to buy. It's easy to use, and you can configurate it to your style of play. This hack makes your game unforgettable, you can do anything you want, be the king of this game, or be a silent killer. - BSS Devs, thanks for this hack
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