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    Hello BSS, This Is My Testimonial For Rust. So A Little Background, I've been a part of this site for 6 Month's Tomorrow, I First joined looking for CS Cheats (As I was starting cheating off) So I bought a few months of CS and it was great, It's a great Cheat, I actually have a Review of it here : It Probably wasn't the 'Cleanest Review' but hey! Anyway yeah, I finally got into rust cheating so I looked month's (as i didn't have this cheat :P) and it was pretty hard to find a good one. But I found one Anyway here it goes. The Aimbot Works How You Would Expect It There Is Prediction I think this is one of the best Predictions on the market, it's OP as fuck and also a very smooth Prediction The ESP for BSS is great and very clean if you don't think it's clear there are some awful ESP's out there. I Think A Recommendation for visuals would be Chams, it would make the game even better but would also ruin the performance of your game. I Think One Other Thing That Would Be Cool Would Be To Change The BONE ESP colour and the brightness of it. There Are Some Very Good Misc Features, One's you'd expect in a normal cheat and ones that go beyond...... Such as being able to fly very high in the sky from clicking a certain button in a boat, It's VERY good for getting on people 10 story high towers with open roofs haha. Also very fun to troll friends with it. I Really hope it doesn't get removed. SECURITY Here in this section, I Don't wanna sound Un Grateful or anything but I'm gonna give my completely honest opinion here. Okay so when the Status was at Unknown, i would last day's before a ban, now I get banned on the loading screen. I feel like it got detected because it went "public" i feel when the resellers were selling keys it just made the cheat a lot more popular and feels like it went public. For Example i went on a combat tag server and met a guy called Scripts.exe ( Hey Jimmy ) Anyway i said "Look at this" Then Sprayed my AK and should him no recoil etc, he did exactly the same and i asked him what he was using, His answer was BSS and you don't expect to go into a random game and find a random guy using the same cheat as you. Or I wouldn't at least like I said i don't wanna sound ungrateful but that's my honest opinion on it. Performace I'm gonna be completely honest here as well, I think the performance is quite bad as i usually get around 70 Frames with a 1070, 24GB DDR4 RAM and an I7 7700k overclocked a bit but I'm not 100% sure if it's the spoofer or cheat. Other Than That Thank You @how02 for making rust cheating possible. Here's a Quick Note Also As A Recommendation's, Some Are My Idea's And Some Are @Rafiki's Idea's (From The List I'm Using) Here: Rapid FireChamsSilent AimAdmin ModeDeveloper ModeCustom Hit SoundsTimeScale Auto-Gather Sticky Climb (I think it's there, not 100% Sure Though) Recoil Slider Custom In-Game Time Name Spoofer One Last Thing, I Want to thank the staff and Admins here as well for making this community a great place. Oh and don't ask for support in the Chatbox, @mrtrademaster won't be very happy Also Thanks To @floW For The Heading Art. Here's a clip of rage hacking with the cheat, it's Loud and the intro is purposely cringey. Thank you Guys For Reading
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    * Reposted because of a miniscule weakpoint I found, that is now fixed I'm quite the wanker when it comes to rust bases and have been experimenting since the game came out - However, I really hate the cramped bases that people showcase on youtube. Instead, I bring you this golden ratio of a small base that houses as much as humanly possible, while still holding the luxury of not having to crouch and jump to do anything inside. - All loot is secured behind two walls and the base is too small and discreet to catch the attention of anyone who would ever be capable of raiding it. Foundation Point of safety, this will cost 1k wood and 6.5k stone to build Miscellaneous room - 5 furnaces, tool cupboard, workbench, research table and a small box to stand on. Lootrooms. These will apear like basic 1 layered walls from the outside, but will house 4 additional chests and will take 2 walls to breach. Everything can easily be accessed with normal doorways as well as with double doors, but raiders have no way of knowing where the loot is. All locked and loaded. It is too heavy for small units to break through and too small for big groups to care about. Cheers.
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    Thanks for the review.
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    It sounds awful saying it but i'd rather How know the truth than knowing a lie tbh
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    I fully agree with the point you are making here. I don't want to sound rude either but I think that the security of the rust cheat needs an overhaul to be honest. Nice review though
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