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    We are now accepting the following crypto-currencies: Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Monero The payments are now also automatically handled so they no longer require manual activation
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    Hello buds! Decided to do a litte giveaway for my bros! Because why the fuck not? This time the grand price gonna be a 50EUR BSS Gift card that will come in handy for most of you guys! Yeah im a cheap fuck. ik. Explain in this thread why YOU deserve to win, and i’ll get a staff member to pick out a winner for me. GIVEAWAY CLOSES 04.10.2019 18:00 EST Also i would appreciate if the winner of the giveaway could post a picture of the received prize as proof! Good luck!
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    Hello BlackSectorSolutions - Community, this is my first testimonial after using the hack for Rust. I just wanted to give some feedback to other buyers who might be thinking about purchasing. I'm totally impressed! Configuration: [10/10] It takes literally 2 minutes to learn everything about it. I'd say that installing and setting up the cheat was very simple to use and understand! Client/Design: [10/10] The Launcher done, what he should do. The GUI is very simply, clean, and easy to use. Good FPS and the fact the client injects the cheat so fast is amazing. And It is not a 0815 design, it is kept very professional. Respect for it! Features: [10/10] Aimbot: The aimbot is insanely useful, it can be used for legit play but also for rage. The prediction is some of the best I've seen.Nothing much to say, it is just awesome how fast and well it reacts.This is whatevery cheats aimbot should be like. ESP: Clear colours, you can choose whatever you want, distance is fully customizable. Every visual option you can think like, Loot ESP, Resource ESP, Player ESP and much more, very effective overall. NoRecoil/Double Jump and much more: Not much to say here, Im pressing me in much ways. Works perfectly and no issues with it so far! And a lot more, you can find the rest here (BlackSectorSolutions - Rust Features) Misc: [10/10] This is the second Rust cheat I have used with such a nice amount of features that are not just ESP and Aimbot, I love the ability to fast gather and fly around. All the features worksthere, no exception. Secruity: [?/10] I have been using it for 1 day on (modded, battlefield and vanilla servers) and havent gotten banned yet. All of the features like ESP and Aimbot are very smooth and customizable. The Hack is not detected yet and you can use it without any doubts and so on. It's not the typical 0815 and usual hack, this one works for sure! Every implemented feature is working perfectly. In total: [10/10] You can guess it. The Hack is amazing if you can get your hands on it, the price is well justified for the amount of work hours and effort put into it! Very Reasonable price for great programming and work! BlackSectorSolutions Community: [11/10] One of the best features of this hack is the Community! Greetings - BeDifferent
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    Don't buy from Risky, he is not a legit reseller and scam customer by selling the same keys multiple time.
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    Hello, thought I'd make a little thread explaining how you can delay your ban, even when obviously cheating on rust. Most of you guys probably just get a new account for 8-10€ from steamby or something, level 0, no playtime or modded idle time, which won't count as actual playtime ingame (no statistics, no kills, nothing). This makes it suspicious for FP if they review your reports, high kdr, high hitrate, etc.. all that with barely any playtime. What you can do against that, is go on a modded bow pvp server, don't use aimbot and just play on it for an hour or 2. Just let them kill you over and over, until you got a good amount of deaths to go on an actual survival server. This server is the best, small map and always has players on it: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/3351261 To get a lower hitrate, just go on a aim training server with bots, and shoot at walls or in the sky for a while. The bots are usefull if you want to get a lower headshot rate, there are arenas where you can shoot at them, just keep shooting their legs, chest or hands a lot. A good server for that is this one: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/3295109 If you want to check your stats you can use this site: http://rust-stats.com/ with a bit of delay on it, so it won't instantly show your recent stats, but I found it to be pretty accurate and also updating your stats after playing on those servers. To use it you have to set your profile to public, can just do that for a few mins, check stats, and set to private again. With regularly doing this, I could play an entire wipe on offical server with 30 reports and 200h until a FP admin joined and manually banned me by spectating Always worked for me, hope this helps and gl!
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    Hello everyone, I'm very happy to announce that our PUBG cheat is now available to the public ! It includes an hypervisor-based protection for ultimate security, making it nearly undetectable by anticheats ! Our protection works on both Intel and AMD CPU. You will need to make sure your processor supports virtualization (VT-x with EPT on Intel, or AMD-v on AMD).
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    Hi everyone! It has come to my attention that people are asking for status on cheats and ETA when cheats become undetected etc. As a proud member of this community i feel like we're lacking on how the information flows. And as a side effect of this is people are filling up the chats and forums with question about if a cheat is undetected or not. My suggestion is simple. If a staff or Admin write a post in the forum once a week. (Or more rapidly if needed) On what the Developer have been working on, progress and what's "next". To clarify I'm not talking about when new features are added! I'm talking specifically on progress from detected to undetected status. And i totally understand that the developer WILL not share sensitive information that could lead to wrong people getting this information. I'm thinking purely of general progress and information that WILL not harm the cheat's status nor the community. Other than that i know How02 is working really hard and doing great work. Thanks bud! Cheers
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    I've setup a telegram group, I'll see if it's any good. https://t.me/BlackSector_Solutions
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    Hello BSS, This Is My Testimonial For Rust. So A Little Background, I've been a part of this site for 6 Month's Tomorrow, I First joined looking for CS Cheats (As I was starting cheating off) So I bought a few months of CS and it was great, It's a great Cheat, I actually have a Review of it here : It Probably wasn't the 'Cleanest Review' but hey! Anyway yeah, I finally got into rust cheating so I looked month's (as i didn't have this cheat :P) and it was pretty hard to find a good one. But I found one Anyway here it goes. The Aimbot Works How You Would Expect It There Is Prediction I think this is one of the best Predictions on the market, it's OP as fuck and also a very smooth Prediction The ESP for BSS is great and very clean if you don't think it's clear there are some awful ESP's out there. I Think A Recommendation for visuals would be Chams, it would make the game even better but would also ruin the performance of your game. I Think One Other Thing That Would Be Cool Would Be To Change The BONE ESP colour and the brightness of it. There Are Some Very Good Misc Features, One's you'd expect in a normal cheat and ones that go beyond...... Such as being able to fly very high in the sky from clicking a certain button in a boat, It's VERY good for getting on people 10 story high towers with open roofs haha. Also very fun to troll friends with it. I Really hope it doesn't get removed. SECURITY Here in this section, I Don't wanna sound Un Grateful or anything but I'm gonna give my completely honest opinion here. Okay so when the Status was at Unknown, i would last day's before a ban, now I get banned on the loading screen. I feel like it got detected because it went "public" i feel when the resellers were selling keys it just made the cheat a lot more popular and feels like it went public. For Example i went on a combat tag server and met a guy called Scripts.exe ( Hey Jimmy ) Anyway i said "Look at this" Then Sprayed my AK and should him no recoil etc, he did exactly the same and i asked him what he was using, His answer was BSS and you don't expect to go into a random game and find a random guy using the same cheat as you. Or I wouldn't at least like I said i don't wanna sound ungrateful but that's my honest opinion on it. Performace I'm gonna be completely honest here as well, I think the performance is quite bad as i usually get around 70 Frames with a 1070, 24GB DDR4 RAM and an I7 7700k overclocked a bit but I'm not 100% sure if it's the spoofer or cheat. Other Than That Thank You @how02 for making rust cheating possible. Here's a Quick Note Also As A Recommendation's, Some Are My Idea's And Some Are @Rafiki's Idea's (From The List I'm Using) Here: Rapid FireChamsSilent AimAdmin ModeDeveloper ModeCustom Hit SoundsTimeScale Auto-Gather Sticky Climb (I think it's there, not 100% Sure Though) Recoil Slider Custom In-Game Time Name Spoofer One Last Thing, I Want to thank the staff and Admins here as well for making this community a great place. Oh and don't ask for support in the Chatbox, @mrtrademaster won't be very happy Also Thanks To @floW For The Heading Art. Here's a clip of rage hacking with the cheat, it's Loud and the intro is purposely cringey. Thank you Guys For Reading
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    This is a known issue, how02 is looking in this matter and will hopefully have this issue resolved soon.
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    I keep on hearing about more and more of these sketchy do-it-yourself sites that claim to be distributing their own rust loader. Meanwhile, it is blatantly obvious that they're all trying to resell a weird version of our loader that takes serials instead of account credentials - with a hefty markup in the price, of course. Examples: I also talked to someone who was spreading the word about it for referral discounts, who sent me this picture of the loader that they're distributing. So what the hell is going on with these? Are they reselling licenses that are made to be sold to the chinese or why can all of these people hand out (what seems to be) our software? I'm hoping that we can get some clearance on this matter, but I strongly advice against trusting any of these sites, as @how02 have already disregarded one of them to be a legitimate reseller: Cheers.
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    Keys are a real thing but are made exclusively for the Asian market. Some of these sellers have found those and were reselling them. Those keys were sold with similar prices to regular subscriptions on the forum. Some of these sellers are selling those keys for 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times more expensive. And they often even resell the same key to multiple users (as Risky has done) Those keys were never meant to be sold outside of Asia, as it obviously increase the detection risk. Around 2 weeks ago I've stopped selling those keys, to put an end to those scammers. I'm really astonished anyone would pay so much for a Rust cheat.
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    Sup y'all. I've been a graphic design intern in Norway and South Korea for the last couple of years and found myself sketching on a logo for our forum, so I thought I might share it with someone My choice of font is Akzidenz Grotesk, a big and bold staple in modern typography these years - like the forum in the scene of loaders. However, it is very apparent that the developers must have a good eye for aesthetics, given how clean and intuitive our UI is ingame, big + for that Clean version 1 Clean version 2 Code version 1 Code version 2 Cheers.
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    Hello! First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway, and Im happy that so many of you guys entered! It always feels great to give back to the community, especially a community as amazing as this. I've read all the entries, and honestly i feel like everyone deserves to win.. But sadly there is just one winner this time. So i had to pick out one random. It's my honor to announce that the winner of this weeks giveaway is.. WINNER: @Maths Your receiving a 50EUR bss giftcard! Congrats bud! Maths will post a screenshot of the received prize as proof in this thread. To everyone else, don't cry! might be a giveaway next weeks also.
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    I used many hacks in my life but none of them were as easy to use as this one! Usability/Functionality The cheat has absolutely blown me away with the detail put in it and it's, easy to navigate! You can be very specific with the parts you want to attack in the aimbot, distance, skeletons, e.t.c. Easy to inject and makes the game actually playable. Hack is super simple to use and doesn't require much IQ. Features I'm very happy there is no lag in the esp. Everything what you Need is there! Support I've never had to contact support for anything since the cheat gives me no problems (im playing since 2 days, no ban)
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    He is scamming. Please whenever you see someone trying to sell BSS like that, report his server to Discord. You can do so following this link: https://dis.gd/request
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    Yeah you're right, didnt know you can use it even if you are not invited
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    A working, undetected HWID spoofer is more rare than undetected rust cheats.
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    * Reposted because of a miniscule weakpoint I found, that is now fixed I'm quite the wanker when it comes to rust bases and have been experimenting since the game came out - However, I really hate the cramped bases that people showcase on youtube. Instead, I bring you this golden ratio of a small base that houses as much as humanly possible, while still holding the luxury of not having to crouch and jump to do anything inside. - All loot is secured behind two walls and the base is too small and discreet to catch the attention of anyone who would ever be capable of raiding it. Foundation Point of safety, this will cost 1k wood and 6.5k stone to build Miscellaneous room - 5 furnaces, tool cupboard, workbench, research table and a small box to stand on. Lootrooms. These will apear like basic 1 layered walls from the outside, but will house 4 additional chests and will take 2 walls to breach. Everything can easily be accessed with normal doorways as well as with double doors, but raiders have no way of knowing where the loot is. All locked and loaded. It is too heavy for small units to break through and too small for big groups to care about. Cheers.
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    Honestly didnt know what to expect for such a low price considering most I've seen sell for loads but honestly its perfect! Not much i can say about it except its fucking brill works incredibly well on Rainbow Six Siege as Im HWID banned and can now play, managed to play like 9 games then rage quit cause i suck tested on fortnite too and its perfect, haven't tested on rust since i have not yet received a ban on rust even tho i used BSS on rust for 5 days straight raging lol but honetsly 10/10 and worth the such low price what the heck! get it while you can 10/10
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    I just chose to blur out the domains to avoid giving them more buyers than what they already have, a lot of people are really desperate for rust loaders
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    Hey Guys and Gals, As our community is expanding, we were just wondering what cheats you would be interested in next? This will not guarantee that we will make it; it will just give us a better understanding of what the community would like to see in the future as Battle Royal type games start dying off. I will make a poll where you can vote on a few popular games at the moment. For legal reasons, we will be unable to make cheats for certain games (e.g. fortnite). If you would like a particular type of game to be added, please feel free to let us know below on what games you would like. Vive la revolution,
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    Just a short Clip I made for rust. Thought it was funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2PMhBtx3c&feature=youtu.be anyways enjoy .
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    This is rigged af because I didnt win //closed
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    So its only my second day using black sector but I can already say its amazing So here is my review! Aimbot (10/10) - The aimbot is very good change change it a lot to make it more humanised and smooth and with the right settings it looks really legit. Visuals (10/10) - the visuals are very nice u can customise to your liking and I use chams its just simple to use :). colour management 10/10 - Colour management is amazing, its just so easy to change and I love it :D. radar 10/10 - The radar is great I love how u can move it anywhere and change the point size and range. cross-hairs 10/10 - This is unique never seen this in a cheat i also fucking love it so basically I love everything on this cheat haha.
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    Its so fun to clap other cheaters, atleast in rust kek..Remember last year i used these skills how02 made, we clapped admins and some chinks that was cheating...To funny
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    The current design one looks the best, but my opinion.
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    Yeah i mean ESP is the only feature needed. Vision is key
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    Hey, Havnt bought cheats from BlackSector in like a year and a bit but I remeber when I used to use the fortnite cheat that shit was OP good to see that you are still going string
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    Doesn't really compete with the scale of competing in tournaments, but it can feel pretty good to know which walls to blow through in rust when doing tactical solo raids on some of the big and infamous clans (we're talking 20-30 people) whenever they go to sleep in a pile of endgame loot - also, haunting big groups from where they live to their every step can also be a lot of fun.
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    If you get hwid ban, all your acc that is connected to that hwid will get banned.
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    If you keep getting banned on new accounts when you aren't cheating
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    They already did, but it's possible they collect a lot more now. I'll take a look when I have time.
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    This doesnt look too good for us
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    Although Battle Royal type game has begun to die,it does not have to be pessimistic. Like many very old games, there will always be some people sticking to it, such as pubg, I think the status quo will be maintained within two years or even longer. Stable updates are the key to continued growth. Now the problems encountered by BSS are all in the industry.Looking forward to the arrival of the next golden age. I believe there will be.I wish BSS tomorrow will be even better. I'll always be here.
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    oi bois this is ma new video from rust haxxoring 100% legit no aimbot da video :
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    Has to be when royal hack came out. First cheat i used and it had so many super op features
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    Riot.im sucks so bad, I've just tried it. I'll try a few other alternatives and see what's best.
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    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I have initiated an investigation based on the information that you provided and we will take appropriate action based on our findings. Please note that for privacy reasons, we're not able to share the specifics of the action taken.
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    Hello everybody, I am relatively new on this website and I would like to say hello to all. First thing is this site is very well put together! - There is a lot of people on elitepvpers/mpgh and much more selling invitation (invites) to this site for the Rust Hack and propably many others have been scammed into this well long story short do not, believe anyone saying they are able to send invite and or account. That's why I report those, who try! Candidate 1: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/rust-trading/4600492-rust-private-cheat-invite.html#post37466527 User @dullbap Proof: Candidate 2: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/rust-trading/4601215-bss-esp-aimbot.html
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    so were should i start of ive been using the cheat from time to time for about i think almost 1,5 year now. i must say BSS rust cheat is the best cheat ive used so far, when i first started cheating i had my account for about 300 hours without ban semi legit/semi rage. had some problems awhile back with getting banned within a couple of hours altho the cheat was in detected state so i dont blame anything. have used it pretty constant the last month with runs holding about 20-60+ hours per accounts altho the bans that ive recived is prob from my self as i have a pretty happy trigger finger sometimes love all the current features and they work really well Aimbot 9/10 - Really good aimbot altho would be lovley to see some more options for "legit" cheating, such as customizable recoil controll with sliders or something, but overall a really good aimbot with alot of features. Visuals 10/10 - Really good looking visuals, easy to use and working really good, would love to see bag/bed esp with names who owns them, and a visual TC range would be pretty sweet aswell. Customizables 10/10 - dont have too much too say here but its a really nice option to be able to keybind most of the things and change colors and so on. Misc 10/10 - pretty much everything you want, with debug and dubblejump works flawless without any problems, altho with speed hack patched thats really hurts my soul - RIP SpeedHack will never forget you <3, overall really simple and really usefull. so overall from my PoV i can really recommend BSS rust cheat so if u can buy it, dont wait just do it Thanks uncle @how02 for an really awesome work and keep it up, ur the best <3
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    This. EAC must have figured out that all legitimate rust players will have a k/d ratio somewhere below 0.5 and a 1 digit hit percentage, so this is a just a whole other level of smart
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    Damn, Dsh is an old fart in his 50s bitching about a outdated game. Dont mind me, just mining some salt.
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    Thanks for the review Use https://csgostash.com/
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