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  4. So I originally purchased the HWID Spoofer with the intention to able myself to play Rust, I was banned through my monitor, keyboard and mouse. (Probs GPU and HDD) I replaced my HDD to a brand new drive, in return logging into Rust was an instant ban. After searching the internet I found this place, with a HWID Spoofer for a low low price that actually worked with EAC. What can I say? It works perfectly. I never expected to have such easy steps to spoof my HWID without giving my computer AIDS Thank you to those at BlackSector working to patch EAC for our conveniece. Well worth the price if anyone's looking to buy in the future when it's finished updating.
  5. Cheats for the Battlefield games would be amazing
  6. I think this was an improvement, good job
  7. customers like it, in my opinion there is a personal problem from your side to mine. x) *LOCK*
  8. Omg man i was plat 1 last season and was placed in plat 1 this season and keep going up and down dont judge ffs Show off
  9. Not here man, also that feature is ban magnet
  10. Is there any cheat with flying cars and fast move for pubg steam?i will buy it pls guide me
  11. DDOS目前已经解决,大家可以正常注入辅助!
  12. I like it as well. Looks really good.
  13. *Outer glows and dropped shadows intensifies* I'm just bored, don't mind me
  14. Fredrik

    HWID Spoofer

    Lol you read way too much into his comment, he just thought your comments were sort of contradictory. Instead, you should go hit the ball in rocket league so we can play again when you manage to hit it. Sidenote: hitting the ball against ai doesn't count, you need to play with real people ^^
  15. The only lonely person with that role
  16. Well you sound extra cocky for someone who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s on about? Yes I did go full rage until the cheat went apparently detected and I only used no recoil and esp buddy don’t see your issue considering I even gave my account link so everyone can see for their selves when I get banned lmao plus ask Spacey another member on this forums we were literally HvHing on rust lmao so pipe down peasant
  17. sendnodes

    Rust hack?

    Yes once it is available.
  18. erichyy

    Rust hack?

    Hi. Do I need be invited to buy Rust hack?
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