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PUBG is now available to the public !

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  3. how02

    HWID Reset

    Our software are hardware locked, they can only run on a single computer. By doing an HWID reset, you will be able to use our software on a different computer.
  4. how02

    HWID Reset

    I've sent a refund for your HWID resets. Please next time restart your computer before doing an HWID reset, to make sure the spoofer is not loaded.
  5. Great honest review, well done
  6. Rust cheat still up, but it's detected rn
  7. Was curious if the rust cheat is still marketed privately. Back when i had my old pc, I remember the cheat was pretty clean and would like to try it on my new pc. If it is only for a few members for security that's understandable, but i thought i'd inquiry anyways.
  8. Please explain what it means to HWID reset?
  9. Turnip

    HWID Reset

    I just bought the HWID Reset thing, then i ran it. It worked fine, but when I turned my PC off and later got back on it said that I had to buy it again, can someone please help me. Discord - Turnip4745
  10. It just sounds pretty pointless to rage aimbot to show off, but you do you Weird flex but ok ^^ Also, please give me more of these : )
  11. Hack at your own Risk ! so dont cry
  12. ur paint skills are absolute beast
  13. Last week
  14. felt cute, might delete Pretty cool o
  15. ment to say its for rust and thanks for the replys
  16. Our spoofer supports Rust and PUBG
  17. i got banned twice in a week for getting 18 kills and 22 kills it was automatic ban because of reports but this ban i got it was not because of high kills nor reports it says for using hacks cheats like wtf
  18. Thought id ask to see if this will work for me but im a long time banned rust player ive changed ssd's ect ips cheated got banned agian ect ect but now if i change ssd/ip with vpn (not a free one) i last 15-60mins before i get detected evan when this happend to my friends when they got in this situation and they used 3rd party spoofer it worked for them but i still would get banned... so im unsure if this one will work for me?. im no pc noob or 13y/o. i have tried everything under the sun to get unbanned.
  19. I got reported too many times in 24 hours and then i got a temporary ban, its a 24 hour ban so they can check if u cheated or not, if u were obvious and ragehacking u wont be banned now but maybe after 4 days. If u played legithacking then u wont be banned.
  20. you had same message ???? please give me more info what happend
  21. Ye u were too obvious but u wont be banned dont worry. Ive had this before too
  22. I've never seen this. Can you please take a screenshot ?
  23. Hello guys so i got banned like twice this week for getting high kills in pubg but i play legit so i got unbanned in both bans after 24 hours. But now it tells me im banned untill 2019-04-21 for usage of hacks/cheats like they are saying im banned for using cheats like they are sure about it anyone has this ban before and whats gonna happen?
  24. i build this on a test servr and it is very cool!!!
  25. You can view and manage your purchases here: https://blacksector.solutions/clients/purchases/
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